Poetry Slam: Terry B. & M.A.C. Plus Ms. Tree On TV!

October 11th, 2022 by Max Allan Collins

I am still dealing with my A-fib (going in for a jump-start next week) and am slowed down by the condition as well as some heavy meds I’m on in prep for the procedure. So this week the update here is represented by this interview with Terry Beatty and me by the best pop culture interviewer on the planet, Andrew Sumner. Terry and I have rarely done joint interviews, so this is something of a rarity:

Ms. Tree: Deadline cover; Ms. Tree seated on a table pointing a smoking gun toward the viewer.
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Shoot-Out At Sugar Creek Cover
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What is possibly the final Caleb York western (of six) will soon be published in paperback, Shoot-out at Sugar Creek. (Tuesday, October 25)

This is a review of the hardcover of Sugar Creek that appeared last year, and it’s a very good, smart one that’s worth reading for the first time or revisiting it.

I loved doing these westerns, and it’s unfortunate Kensington didn’t ask for more. But what had been an unproduced screenplay (for John Wayne) by Mickey Spillane has generated six fun books, so I have nothing to complain about.

This is a really nice write-up about the new Mike Hammer novel, Kill Me If You Can, at the lively, fun site Jerry’s House of Everything.

And the similarly fun Borg site has a discussion of Tough Tender, the two-fer of Nolan novels, Hard Cash and Scratch Fever, the final two novels of the original Nolan run. Available from Hard Case Crime, my lifeline to readers!


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4 Responses to “Poetry Slam: Terry B. & M.A.C. Plus Ms. Tree On TV!”

  1. Stephen Borer says:

    ‘Preciate the interview link : continued best health wishes !

  2. Raymond Cuthbert says:

    Always great when you and Terry can collaborate – even if it is only an interview!

  3. Mike Doran says:

    So you know:
    The Ms. Tree book arrived today, so Amazon still works; the other stuff goes on order soon.

    The interview was a delight, so thanks for that, anyway.

    Although … being reminded just how much older we’ve all gotten since we all met up all those years ago …

    Getting old is NO FUN AT ALL.

    Hey, at least you and Barb have things to do …

    Take care, guys, OK?

  4. Ken Barber says:

    AFIB sucks. I’ve had it for over a year. Thankfully, the cardio version usually helps out a lot. Good luck with your procedure.