Kill Me If You Can Title: Kill Me If You Can
Release: August 23, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-78909-764-1
Publisher: Titan
E-Book: Google Play Kobo


Mike Hammer hits his 75th anniversary hard, after the disappearance of Velda, in this brand new case between Kiss Me, Deadly and The Girl Hunters, based on an unproduced screenplay from Mickey Spillane’s archives.

Mike Hammer is on the case, this time hunting the murderer of his old friend and bootlegger-turned-legit-businessman Edward G. Robinson. Already torn up by the disappearance of Velda, his beloved secretary, Mike Hammer carves a brutal path for vengeance. Drinking heavily, his relationships fraying, his behaviour self-desctructive, Hammer has to track down Robinson’s black book, with the names of every corrupt official in town. With deception everywhere, and a whole host of reasons to want the ledger, Hammer has to pull himself together and solve the case before all hell breaks loose.

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of Mike Hammer, and including five brand new short stories, read the lost story of Velda's disappearance after Kiss Me, Deadly. A thrilling ride for fans new and old.


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