Two of the 120 Greatest Mystery Writers

March 13th, 2018 by Max Allan Collins

I have little to say this week, flabbergasted and delighted by the huge response to Mickey Spillane’s birthday.

First, this unexpected present from the editorial board of the Strand Magazine, where both Mickey and I are among their 120 greatest mystery writers, displayed on a coffee mug that (not surprisingly) you can buy.

Now the main reason I’m not writing much this time is that there’s already more than enough of me elsewhere to read right now on the Net. Let’s start with J. Kingston Pierce’s Rap Sheet and his very in depth interview with me about the entire effort to get Mickey’s unfinished works completed and out there.

Jeff Pierce also has the Killer Covers site, where he follows up his already massive Spillane coverage with a look at many Spillane book (and comic book) covers.

The Daily Beast offers up one of the very best essays on Mickey that appeared on his birthday. I was interviewed for it, but can take little credit.

Jon Jordan, the Crimespree guru, provides this excellent review of both novels that make up the new book, The Last Stand.

For Mickey Spillane wisdom, try these “ten wry quotes,” each and every one wonderful.

Here’s more coverage of the upcoming Mike Hammer four-issue comic book mini-series from Hard Case Crime Comics.

Out of nowhere comes this wonderful tribute to Ms. Tree at a UK site.

And this from Brash Books (scroll down for Mickey/Max stuff).

Here’s a review of The Will to Kill that is favorable but the reviewer gets thrown, due to this being the first Hammer read by said reviewer and it happened to be a change of pace yarn.

First-rate mystery writer and human, Wayne Dundee, reflects on meeting Mickey on set at Mommy’s Day over (choke) twenty years ago.

The Saturday Evening Post weighs in on Mickey’s birthday – no mention of the posthumous publishing.

Read a short but sweet tribute here.

Finally, this celebration prints my introduction to The Last Stand – good for you to read if you haven’t decided whether to read it or not.


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6 Responses to “Two of the 120 Greatest Mystery Writers”

  1. Paul.Griffith says:

    Max, The interview from Rap Sheet was incredible! I enjoyed it immensely! I hope to see it published at some point in the future i.e. The History of Mystery and From the Files of … Still anxious about the upcoming releases and it’s great to hear you may continue the Caleb York series. I thought the last installment, The Bloody Spur, was the best of the three. Thanks again Max, you continue to add joy and excitement to life!! My best to your lovely wife Barb!!

  2. Thanks for the great post, Paul.

    There will be at least two more Caleb York novels. I’m working on a Thomas & Mercer right now, which is a standalone but could launch a new series.

  3. Gary Kato says:

    Mark Steyn, on his website, in his latest Mark at the Movies posting, titled Hammer and Tongues, celebrates
    Mickey Spillaine’s 100th birthday with lots of info on Mickey’s life and career.

  4. Tep says:

    Wow, a lot of great articles and a really nice mug!

  5. stephen borer says:

    Across time, and across the dimensions, a toast to Mr. Spillane. And to his friend, Mr. Collins.

  6. Mike Doran says:

    So, MAC, how’s your health?

    Reason I’m asking: your plans for the Spillane Celebration don’t seem to include any television appearances.
    If it’s your health that’s getting in the way of that, I get it; first things first, after all.
    Still, it would be kinda nice if some prime-time (or late-night) TV show would welcome you aboard, to show clips and read excerpts and tell stories about the Mick, and like that there.

    At the very least, please tell us that you’ve had some feelers about stuff like this.
    Lately, some things have been happening that tell me that Old Stuff is in the process of being forgotten – and I don’t care for that at all.

    Forgive the depressive tone here; I’ve mostly been listening to the latest adventures of That Man In The White House, and it’s a real downer …

    Oh Hell/Ah Well, here’s to the Spillane 100!
    (… and I hope it goes more than a silly millimeter longer …)