Premature Ex-Aculation

June 29th, 2010 by Max Allan Collins

Though it isn’t out till late September, QUARRY’S EX has already racked up a rave! It’s courtesy of Ron Fortier (a terrific writer in his own right), whose Pulp Fiction review site is always worth checking out.

THE BIG BANG received a pretty positive if patronizing review from the Chicago Sun Times. The reviewer is the kind of guy who enjoys a cheeseburger, then apologizes for it. But it’s a nice high-profile place to get reviewed, in an era where most of the reviewing is done on-line now.

There’s a new website about DICK TRACY up – old pal Jim Doherty is part of it. A TRACY comic-book story, circa 1990, that I did with artist Joe Staton (another old pal) is supposedly posted there, but all I can find so far is the first page. But check into it. That story – “Fireworks” – was done for a Disney comics digest but never got used. The website just went up recently, so to get the full “Fireworks,” you may have to check back now and then.

The ExpertA blast from the past – a recent, positive review of THE EXPERT (1995), my first screenwriting credit. I like that movie, though it’s only fittingly faithful to what I wrote. I always like to say that they apparently had only one copy of the screenplay, misplaced it, then tried to remember it. Anyway, that’s the case with the Jeff Speakman scenes – the James Brolin crazy-warden scenes are right on script. If you’ve never seen this, it’s worth tracking down – a decent B action movie about a prison break-in. With the great Jim Varney! It deserves better on video than it’s received – the only widescreen presentation is the laserdisc, and there’s never been a U.S. DVD release (the UK DVD is full screen pan-and-scan).

On the music front, intense rehearsals lay ahead – we have the Daybreakers Reunion for the Class of 1970 coming up on July 10, and on July 28, we have the Crusin’/XL’s Great River Days Concert. More about these later.


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5 Responses to “Premature Ex-Aculation”

  1. Nathan Collins says:

    THE EXPERT is also available on the tiny UMD format for the Sony PlayStation Portable, of all things. Not sure if it’s widescreen or not, though.

  2. mike doran says:

    I looked in at that new Dick Tracy website.

    I enjoyed what I saw, but as I read, I got the feeling that I was at an early wake.

    None of needs to be told that the story comic strip is on life support these days – the recent ending of LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE brought that home harder than ever, even to those of us who’d long since ceased to follow it.

    TRACY is pretty much in the same boat, according to Jim Doherty’s piece. As I read the situation, this would be the case even if you were still writing it. The change in the marketplace and all, you know.

    DICK TRACY has had an exceptionally good run. I just hate to see it go out with a whimper instead of a big bang.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  3. I have THE EXPERT on VHS around here somewhere. One of these days, I’ll copy it to DVD-R.

  4. Mike, TRACY has been whimpering for a long time.

    Chris, THE EXPERT was fairly successful on VHS, I understand; but it’s a pan-and-scan version.

  5. David Cranmer says:

    I remember watching THE EXPERT on VHS. Good flick but its been many years.

    Btw THE BIG BANG had my favorite Mike Hammer ending.