Bouchercon – Can You Picture It?

October 16th, 2012 by Max Allan Collins

Barb with our longtime friend and agent Dominick Abel.

The great suspense writer John Lutz, who presented MAC with the PWA Hammer for Nathan Heller.

Barb moderating her panel (with Allan misspelled on her i.d. placard).

MAC and Barb outside the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame (Matthew Clemens hiding his head but little else)

MAC meeting a fan at BOOKS TO DIE FOR signing (also shown: last year’s guest Crusin’ vocalist, Mark Billingham; Reed Coleman; and Michael Connelly).

At BOOKS TO DIE FOR signing, this group called “Murderer’s Row” by our editor’s significant other: Lee Child, Mark Billingham, Reed Coleman, MAC, Michael Connelly, John Connelly.

Staredown contest between MAC and Michaeal Connelly.

Barb presenting PWA “Shamus” for Best Paperback to somebody other than her husband.

MAC accepting the PWA “Hammer” Award for Nate Heller, who couldn’t attend (he’s in a Boca Raton retirement home).

Sara Paretsky, ANTIQUES series editor Michaela Hamilton (cute from any angle) and PWA found/prez, Captain Robert Randisi.

Here’s a lovely review of TARGET LANCER from my pal (and incredible writer) Ed Gorman. The cover, by the way, is the previous version with yellow that I asked to be changed to red (and it was).

MICKEY SPILLANE ON SCREEN by Jim Traylor and me gets some nice attention in both December’s issues of EQMM and ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE. On stands now. (Are there still stands?)

Here’s a great write-up describing BOOKS TO DIE FOR, the new volume in which top mystery writers discuss great mystery novels – I take a swing at I, THE JURY (what a shock).

That justly renowned comic book writer, Peter David, posted a column about my other band, Seduction of the Innocent, that you may enjoy. It was written in ‘98 but it remains fresh.

Here’s a fun if belated review of the Mike Hammer novel, THE BIG BANG. [Nate here: HUGE spoiler warning!]

Writer/blogger Mike Dennis has posted his own Bouchercon recap, including a pic with yours truly.


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3 Responses to “Bouchercon – Can You Picture It?”

  1. Gerard Saylor says:

    I always get all those Connelly and Connolly guys confused.

  2. I’d like to ask a dumb question here about the photo when you say you accepted an award on Heller’s behalf: do you think of him as still alive down in Florida? Wouldn’t he be well over 100 now? I know it’s a fictional character but I’ve always wondered if there would ever be a story from you that follows him into his Sunbelt retirement. Might be verging into Carl Hiaasen territory but it could be fun; we know he will still be sharp as an old man. The latest novels are already finding ways to make him middle-aged yet the same in most ways.

  3. Sorry to take so long getting back to you. I have given more thought than probably necessary about whether Heller is still alive or not. The truth is, he’s got to be gone, as he was born in 1905. The book I just finished actually has Heller himself acknowledging his death (you’ll see). On the other hand, he’s very much alive in my mind, and definitely lived in his healthy, vital nineties.