Quarry’s Ex X-ed

August 10th, 2010 by Max Allan Collins

Many of you already know that Dorchester – where Hard Case has been publishing its books – has shut down its mass market publishing, and that QUARRY’S EX is a casualty. If you have one of the arcs of that novel, you have a collectible.

I’ll let Hard Case honcho Charles Ardai explain. Check it out here (at Bill Crider’s great site).

Bottom line is: I don’t know when QUARRY’S EX will see print. I am confident it will, and will keep you posted.

Ironically, we have had several raves for QUARRY’S EX of late. Booklist said: “Collins remains the quintessential modern-day pulp writer.” Publisher’s Weekly called the book a “perfect piece of sardonic pulp noir.”


Recently I did several phone interviews about the ROAD TO PERDITION blu-ray. Several of those interviews touched on the long-gestating ROAD TO PURGATORY film project. I revealed that I will probably not be directing, but that we seem to be on the verge of making a deal. That in fact we are looking at paper work right now. The primary interview you can read here.

But you’ll have to do your own google search for the other web mentions my info received – I believe this is the first time I’ve gone viral. The news of a PERDITION sequel is all over the web. Some people seem delighted, others think PERDITION shouldn’t have a sequel (a little late, since the PURGATORY and PARADISE novels have already done that). Some people are nice about it and say positive things about me, others say nasty things, and that’s the web for you. I love the idea that there are people who long for a PERDITION film but want to make sure somebody but me writes the script – the creator of the story needs to be kept out of it! Wow. Gotta love democracy – makes for some inspired lunacy.

The Premiere web site also interviewed me about the PERDITION blu-ray. Turns out I’m happy.

For reasons beyond me, my 2007 Ms. Tree novel DEADLY BELOVED has been reviewed, and while I wouldn’t call it viral, the review is available quite a few places on the web. It’s patronizing and certainly not a rave, but you can read if you like.

The Sunday (Aug. 8) Crusin’ gig at Riverside Casino went very well – I had a touch of flu and was worried that it might cause me trouble, but it didn’t. We did a solid three-hour show and the audience danced and applauded from the very start. Lots of great comments. I hope we get asked back, because it was like real show biz – lights and sound and a nice stage set-up (drums and several amps were provided). For eastern Iowa fans, we have another big show coming up at the Wilton Founder’s Day celebration, the evening of Aug. 27. More later!


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3 Responses to “Quarry’s Ex X-ed”

  1. Brian_Drake says:

    Well the Quarry news is unfortunate, but I’m glad Charles has a plan to keep the books going and hopefully something will be in place soon. Maybe next year? Anybody’s guess, I suppose, but it’s probably not unrealistic. Charles has been incredibly kind to me, having reviewed a couple of my manuscripts, which he didn’t buy, but he has always given me excellent feedback. Considering his workload, he went above and beyond in providing that feedback so I’m a fan forever.

    I guess if the Perdition sequels get going I’m going to have to see the original film! My mother enjoyed it, and she’s not into that kind of story at all, so if you can win her over, it must be one hell of a movie.

  2. dan luft says:


    The first novels I ever read by you were collected in “Tough Tender” and I remember your introduction about strange quirks of the publishing world. I hope this isn’t the same problem and I hope the book comes out relatively soon.

    Not for nothing, I’ve got a positive review of your book, sitting over at mostlyfiction.com, waiting for a publication date.

  3. Joe Menta says:

    While I don’t suggest that you abandon print completely, here’s a situation where you can upload “Quarry’s Ex” to the Kindle, set a price ($4.00 or $5.00 maybe), and sit back and sell some books. I’d buy one instantly, and I’m sure many others would, too. I also wish you’d put all the old “Mallory” books on the Kindle. So many writers are putting their out-of-print backlists on e-book platforms like the Kindle nowadays, making money while delighting fans who might not have seen a favorite writer’s earlier works.