SCTV The Final Chapter

December 29th, 2009 by Max Allan Collins

This will be an abbreviated update, mostly more pictures (see below) from our now legendary SCTV Reunion weekend at Second City earlier this month.

I am told the new Nathan Heller, BYE BYE, BABY, will not be out from TOR/Forge until the first half of 2011. That means it really will be ten years between Heller novels. If Heller’s new publisher is willing, I will make sure this doesn’t happen again. I am pushing for the Winter list, which means the book would be out in a little over a year.

I am working hard on KISS HER GOODBYE, the third of the Mike Hammer novels developed from unfinished Mickey Spillane manuscripts. In fact, I wrote on Christmas Eve Day and Christmas itself. Probably no writing on New Year’s Eve, because I have a Crusin’ gig at the West Liberty Country Club.

In the Not Exactly News dept., I am in early stages exploring getting the first four Quarry novels (from the ’70s) back in print in new uniform trade paperback editions. There may be limited hardcovers or a slipcased signed version, too. More when I have more….

Farewell to the oughts, and welcome 2010!


SCTV Reunion
Shaking hands with the very gracious comedy legend, Eugene Levy (“As a comic, in all seriousness…”)

SCTV Reunion
Apologizing to Dave Thomas for making a fool of myself at our first meeting at a San Diego Comic Con, and to Martin Short for accosting him outside the Second City restroom. Comic geniouses.

SCTV Reunion
With Harold Ramis, who I pestered all weekend. He’s a special hero to me for his SCTV work and the classic film GROUNDHOG DAY.

SCTV Reunion
With the wonderful Catherine O’Hara.

SCTV Reunion
Letting Catherine O’Hara know she was great on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.

SCTV Reunion
With Colin Mochrie, self-professed PERDITION fan and hands down nicest celebrity at the Second City event.

SCTV Reunion
Barb with David Koechner, star of the very funny WAITING (and much more). Sweet, gracious guy. Why did he prefer posing with her to me?

SCTV Reunion
With the incredible Fred Willard. (Me: “You’re a madman.” Fred: “There’s a lot to be mad about!”)

SCTV Reunion
With Tim Kazurinsky (right) of SNL fame (appearing on THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MIKE HAMMER VOL.2: THE LITTLE DEATH), and his nephew, screenwriter Josh Shull (center).

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2 Responses to “SCTV The Final Chapter”

  1. Brian_Drake says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the Heller delay but anticipation builds excitement and all that. Is there a chance you’ll change the title from “Bye, Bye, Baby” to “The Long Wait”? :)

  2. I guess I can’t blame my TOR editor for this delay. I was fairly late with the manuscript, and it’s my first book for him (and first book for TOR since SPREE in the mid-’80s), and they don’t like to schedule a book till it’s in hand. But it does mean it will have been a year and a half between delivery and publication, which is indeed a long wait. Usually it’s more like a year…and with tie-in stuff, it’s often just a few months.