Quarry New Year!

January 2nd, 2018 by Max Allan Collins

This has been a significant year for Quarry. Though his series on Cinemax ran only one season, it was well-received, even acclaimed, and a very good, interesting take on an origin story for the character.

I am very pleased with the Quarry comic book (actually serialized graphic novel), Quarry’s War, the second issue of which is out this week with two variant covers. I have a new artist, Edu Menna, who I think does a fine job. In fact, I would rate this single issue among the best comic books ever to bear my name.

Here’s a preview of both covers and the first few pages.

Additionally, for those of you who are into audio books, Stefan Rudnicki does a great job narrating Quarry’s Climax. His voice is gruffly rich and quietly wry. He really “gets” Quarry, and as publisher of Skyboat Media, he’s one of the great friends of this series. Get it here (or directly from Audible).

Quarry also makes an appearance in Otto Penzler’s The Big Book of Rogues and Villains. Here’s a review.

This has been a year of incredible highs and a few lows. Quarry on Cinemax was a real treat, and I am particularly proud and humbled (well, not that humble) to be a Mystery Writers of America “Grand Master.” My wife Barb assures me that even though 2017 is over, I am still a Grand Master. She also doesn’t seem terribly impressed about it….

Thanks for all your support – buying the books, cheering me on in my medical adventures, writing comments here…all appreciated.

Finally, Bill Crider – we love you!


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3 Responses to “Quarry New Year!”

  1. Ron says:

    In the Penzler book, is that a new short story with Quarry, or an old one? (Actually, I didn’t realize there were any short stories about Quarry.)

  2. It was written in the ’90s, I believe. There are only three QUARRY short stories. “A Matter of Principal” became the short film of that name, from which came the film THE LAST LULLABY. My novel THE LAST QUARRY pretty much begins with that story, which has been fairly heavily anthologized. There are two others, “Quarry’s Luck” being one of them. All three are collected in QUARRY’S GREATEST HITS, which also includes PRIMARY TARGET aka QUARRY’S VOTE.

  3. Oh, and there’s a fourth story called “Quarry’s Gamble,” which is pretty much the first chapter of CLIMAX. It appeared recently in THE STRAND. The other Quarry story, also from the ’90s, is “Guest Services.”