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July 23rd, 2013 by Max Allan Collins

It’s very late Monday night as I write this. Just returned from the San Diego Comic Con. Funny thing: I was trying to connect with my friend (and Seduction of the Innocent bandmate)(and great artist) Steve Leialoha all through the con, and failed…then our taxis pulled up to the curb outside the airport and dropped us off simultaneously. Once through security check, we sat and talked for an hour.

I am saddened to learn of the passing of one of my favorite actors, Dennis Farina. He almost played Nolan once, though I never got to meet him (for a William Lustig-directed version of my script for SPREE…still unfilmed). CRIME STORY is very high on my list of all-time favorite TV shows, and I always hoped to work with him. Just last week I was talking with a producer about using him in an indie film, if we could get him. Well, we can’t get him now, damnit. An ex-cop who really made his work credible, Farina was a remarkable actor, and Chicago through and through.

Okay, here’s the news, straight from my meeting with Titan’s publisher at San Diego con: I am signing on to complete three more unfinished Mickey Spillane “Mike Hammer” novels. These are smaller fragments (in one case, two fragments combined), but all are significant…usually two chapters or so with notes. What I am really excited about is the era of these novels: it’s the lost years between KISS ME, DEADLY in 1952 and THE GIRL HUNTERS in 1961.

Of course, the recently completed KING OF THE WEEDS will come out first.

I am thrilled about this, to say the least.

By the way, if you check this update once a week, you may have missed my daily updates from the Comic Con. Scroll down and see what a great time we had – lots of cool pics.


[And here’s the Scribe Awards pics from this year.—Nate]

Kevin J. Anderson receives the International Association of Tie-in Writers “Scribe” award for Best Novel

Peter David accepts the Faust life achievement award for Ann C. Crispin.

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6 Responses to “Mike Hammer News”

  1. Mike Dennis says:

    Can’t wait for KING OF THE WEEDS, Max.

  2. Paul.Griffith says:

    That is terrific news Max! I am excited to know that there will be at least five more Hammer books coming our way (Counting WEEDS and the short story collection). But, I am also excited for you as it must really be fulfilling a dream to be able to add to Mickey’s Hammer output through this terrific collaboration. On another note, I am disappointed that TARGET LANCER didn’t get the Shamus nomination, but congratulation to you and Barbara on the nod for your Trash ‘n’ Treasures novel. Looking forward to what looks like a very promising few years with Quarry, Heller and Hammer!

  3. Mark Thuente says:

    I’m thrilled to hear that there will be more Mike Hammer after King of the Weeds. I love Mickey, but I really feel like you’ve improved on Mike Hammer.

    Dennis Farina would have been great as Nolan which leads to a question that’s been on my mind since you brought Quarry back. Have you thought about more Nolan novels?

  4. Batman says:

    Max, it was good getting caught up @’Con. I’m glad to hear I can find you on bookshelves again. I’m thinking a Kickstarter campaign would work to get your movie filmed, and I’m willing to direct ;) Stay sane, my friend.

  5. I appreciate all these wonderful comments.

    Mark, as for Nolan, there has been talk of another Nolan for some time. Since he is where it all started, I have a special affinity for that character. I had great fun writing the SPREE script, years after the book was written. I know Hard Case Crime would snap up a new Nolan.

    But I can’t get past feeling that SPREE feels like the end of the series. If I did do another, it would be in period and set shortly after SPREE, because I did have an idea at one time to take Nolan and Sherry to Vegas on their honeymoon and have bad things happen (no Comforts, though — that’s definitely over).

    But not right now and maybe not ever. Before Mallory, though.

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