Heller Sells Out

December 6th, 2011 by Max Allan Collins

The Amazon trade paperbacks and (especially) e-books of the Heller novels continue to do very well, helped in part by Amazon’s marketing efforts. This month they are offering CARNAL HOURS (one of my favorites in the series) for under two bucks – one of 100 Kindle titles chosen for a special promotion this month. Check it out.

My old buddy from Big Entertainment days, Christopher Mills, has done covers for the six Nolan trade paperbacks that Perfect Crime will be doing early next year. Check out all of these terrific images here.

QUARRY’S EX continues to rack up nice notices, like this one.

And here’s Bookgasm on RETURN TO PERDITION.

BLACK HATS continues to threaten to become a Harrison Ford film. Here’s a Variety piece on the screenwriter, Kurt Johnstad.

For those of you keeping track, I am researching the third Jack and Maggie Starr, SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT (for Hard Case Crime), this week. Terry Beatty is beginning the interior illos, and Glenn Orbik has already done a startling front cover, which I’ll share with you soon.


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6 Responses to “Heller Sells Out”

  1. Love to see Black Hats made into a film. Just finished Red Sky In Morning recently. Liked that.

    And that looks suspiciously like Lee Van Cleef as Nolan.

  2. Nolan is described as looking like Lee Van Cleef. Some years ago, I interviewed him in the Quad Cities, where he was playing in a celebrity golf tourney. His wife was with him and she was a peach — I gave her the Pinnacle editions of several of the books and she was tickled by the resemblance. She showed them to her husband, who just smiled, not easily impressed. A very intimidating guy, but as the interview rolled on, we connected. He was very friendly by the end of it. I was such a fan of his in those days — DEATH RIDES A HORSE, THE BIG GUNDOWN.

    Chris did a really nice job on these. Tricky to find little iconic images to suggest a given book (like the shopping cart of cash here).

  3. Joe Menta says:

    Any plans for “Mallory” re-issues? Maybe accompanied by a new installment?

  4. dan luft says:

    Great news! I became a fan after I picked up TOUGH TENDER and then read both of the books inside in one afternoon. And SPREE is my favorite novel by you. It would be great if you returned to the series. I am very fond of your use of multiple viewpoints in this series. You pull it off effortlessly.

  5. Brian_Drake says:

    Will there be new editions of Bait Money and Blood Money be included with the new set, or are the right to those books still held by Hard Case Crime?

    This is great news, regardless. My copies of the Nolan books are almost as old as I am. Back in the ’90s I worked the overnight shift at a Top 40 radio station; around 2am each night for about two weeks I would engage the automation, let the computer play the music and commercials, and read the Nolan series back to back. Loved every minute!

  6. Brian_Drake says:

    Oh, and I must add that SPREE is one heck of a book, probably my favorite of the series.