Ms. Tree: Heroine Withdrawal Title: Ms. Tree: Heroine Withdrawal
Release: December 19, 2023
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The next incredible instalment in the case books of Ms Tree, private detective, from famed Hard Case Crime author Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition)!

Fans of pulp noir and hard-boiled detective crime fiction will love this seminal collection of classic comics.

From the minds of award-winning author Max Allan Collins and artist Terry Beatty, comes the fifth collection of classic Ms. Tree stories, collected together for the first time!

Join Michael Tree, the 6ft, 9mm carrying private detective on her thrilling adventures. No case is too small, no violence too extreme, just as long as it gets the job done.

Fans of hard-boiled detective and crime fiction will get a thrill from these tales!

Featuring the stories:
Muerta Means Death
Right to Die
Prisoner Cell Block Hell
Heroine Withdrawal
The Other Cheek


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