The Goliath Bone Title: The Goliath Bone
Release: October 2008
2019 Paperback:
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In the midst of a Manhattan snowstorm, Hammer halts the violent robbery of a pair of college sweethearts who have stumbled onto a remarkable archaeological find in the Valley of Elah: the perfectly preserved femur of what may have been the biblical giant Goliath. Hammer postpones his marriage to his faithful girlfriend, Velda, to fight a foe deadlier than the mobsters and KGB agents of his past—Islamic terrorists and Israeli extremists bent upon recovering the relic for their own agendas.


The Goliath Bone 2019 Mass Market Paperback
2019 Titan Mass Market Paperback

Goliath Bone International
2010 International Cover



Mystery Scene #107: "...defiant and gleefully anachronistic...Mickey would approve."

Bookgasm: "'ll want to finish it in a day."

Lies! Damned Lies!: "Even the early 21st century is no match for Mike Hammer."

Larger Cover Image, 2019 Paperback: (1500 x 2462 TIF)

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