The Consummata Title: The Consummata
Release: September 2011 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-8576-8288-8 (paperback)
Publisher: Hard Case Crime



Compared to the $40 million the cops think he stole, seventy-five thousand dollars may not sound like much. But it's all the money in the world to the struggling Cuban exiles of Miami who rescued Morgan the Raider. So when it's snatched by a man the Cubans trusted, Morgan sets out to get it back. A simple favor—but as the bodies pile up...dead men and beautiful women...the Raider wonders what kind of Latin hell he's gotten himself into, and just who or what is the mysterious Consummata?

Begun by mystery master MICKEY SPILLANE in the late 1960s and completed four decades later by his buddy MAX ALLAN COLLINS (Road to Perdition), The Consummata is the long-awaited follow-up to Spillane's bestseller The Delta Factor—a breathtaking tale of treachery, sensuality, and violence, showcasing two giants of crime fiction at their pulse-pounding, two-fisted best.



Publishers Weekly: "There are ample servings of the sex and violence Spillane fans have come to expect, and it’s impossible to tell where Spillane’s work stops and Collins’s begins."

The Library Journal: "The men are tough, the women are sexy, and the pages turn faster than the bodies pile up—what else could you ask for in a hard-boiled thriller?"

Pulp Fiction Reviews: "zips along at a fast, gut tightening pace filled with lots of sexy and dangerous women and a true exotic mix of colorful supporting characters from both sides of the law." "[The Consummata] is a seamless adventure that moves smoothly from chapter to chapter with one clear and exciting voice, echoing the bullet-blasting tales of a true Mystery Grandmaster."

Pulp Serenade: "a doozy of a thriller and a helluva lot of fun to read. Thanks to Max Allan Collins for making sure Spillane’s legacy carries on with such strong volumes."

Guilty Conscience: "a great throwback to the 1960s pulp fiction era."

Geek Book Review: "The Consummata is a non-stop thrill ride and a darn good time."

Maxwell Gunter Dispatch: "a triumphal return for [Spillane and Collins]." "a fast, vio­lent, sexy, entertaining novel that adds up to vintage Spill­ane."

MostlyFiction: "unabashedly pulp ... fast-paced action with not a lot of down-time."

The Playlist: "solid pulp with enough intrigue, sex and grit to keep page-turners happy." "Collins paints a neon lit, 1970s Miami with ease..."

Ed's Blog: "The Consummata is great fun to read. More action packed and sexier (and kinkier) than [The Delta Factor]..." " "So, was The Consummata worth the wait? It sure was!"

Jildy Sauce: "each chapter is a house with its front door ajar and its rear door jutting onto the edge of a cliff."

Noir Journal: "Rich, lurid prose. Vivid characters. Strong, honorable--in his own way--hero. Icky villains. Lush setting. Intense situations. Cunning, hot babes. Graphic but not too grisly details. It's hard to think of a critical element for the hardcase crime genre not within these covers."


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