My Least Favorite Update This Year So Far

October 3rd, 2023 by Max Allan Collins

This week’s update is a short one.

Last Thursday I came down with Covid, and Friday so did Barb. It’s supposedly mild Covid, but you could have fooled me.

People get Covid in different ways, as you probably have heard (or already know). For example, I’ve not had a fever but Barb has. Mine is primarily a sore throat and persistent cough, which Barb didn’t get.

We’ve been on Paxlovid, the drug that seems to knock this thing, for a few days and today both of us show signs of genuine improvement. We’re still in quarantine but supposedly can go out in a day or so, if masked. I don’t think so. I’d have to feel 100% or close to be comfortable with that.

It has thrown a bit of a wrench into the production of Blue Christmas, but my producer Chad Bishop has picked up the slack. But I particularly want to feel I’m reaaaaallly over this before exposing any cast and crew members. Luckily we have till Oct. 22 (the final table read) and Oct. 23 (first day of the shoot) for me to get there. And I’m confident I will.

We did not get Covid during the Pandemic – we stayed inside, went out for groceries early early early morning, masked up as advised, and all that good stuff. But it came and got us. We had taken the new Covid booster on Monday, but it didn’t kick in enough to protect us on Thursday. They say it takes a couple weeks to take effect.

My advice, particularly to people in our age group: get the damn booster. Bobby Kennedy Jr. doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

That’s it for this week, I’m afraid. No need for Get Well cards, unless they have money in them (which will go to Blue Christmas!).


12 Responses to “My Least Favorite Update This Year So Far”

  1. Craig Zablo says:

    Wishing you and Barb a full and speedy recovery.

  2. Glen Davis says:

    Get well soon!

  3. Robert Deis says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to you both! Agreed on Bobby Kennedy Jr.

  4. Sorry to hear that COVID finally stormed onto your doorstep. My wife and I both came down with it this last spring, after avoiding it throughout the pandemic. Like you and Barb, we experienced the virus differently: my wife was very sick for one day and night before beginning to recover; I barely noticed anything, and thought I just had a cold, until I took a COVID test to be sure. The Paxlovid helped get us on the road to negative COVID tests.

    We’re both signed up to get the new anti-COVID shots on Thursday!


  5. Fred Blosser says:

    Best to you and Barb. Rest up and medicate. Donna and I outran covid for four years and five vax, but we also came down with very mild cases this week just before scheduling a new inoculation. Nobody should give RFKJr’s nonsense any credence; a disgrace to his father’s memory and sock-puppet for Bannon and Stone.

  6. Joe LYONS says:

    My wife still insists that I wear my mask. Even the VA Hospital has a sign that says No Masks Are Required, So what. Stay well.
    If you get bedridden spend the time on another Hammer book.

  7. Bill P says:

    Well wishes to both you and your wife. While the booster may not have been enough to prevent you from catching it, it (and any previous) most certainly have helped to reduce the severity of the virus that you did catch.

  8. Tim Field says:

    Sorry to hear that Covid caught up to you and Barb despite all your precautions. Like you, I’ve been lucky (with the aid of multiple vaccinations) but will soon be immersed in the Petri dish of high school as I begin a subbing gig for a maternity leave, so I’d better get a booster pronto.

  9. Mark Lambert says:

    Al, wishes for speedy healing for to you and Barb. My wife Terry and I got it from family members when we had them over to grill out on Labor Day. (They didn’t know they had it). Tested positive 2 days later. For me, it felt like a really horrible cold. For Terry, it’s like a truck hit her. She probably would have been in the ICU or worse if not for Paxlovid — well worth it in spite of the metallic taste. She’s still testing positive and having symptoms a month later. I’m negative, but still have a cough. Both fully vaccinated (but not the most recent booster, as it wasn’t available yet when we came down with it). Like you, we’ve been careful and avoided it until now. COVID is nasty stuff. Hope you are both feeling better soon.

  10. Edmond D Smith says:

    What rotten luck, Max. I got Covid about two or three months ago and felt pretty lousy for about a week until I started taking the Paxlovid and that seemed to do the job pretty quickly. Hope you and Barbara have a swift recovery. Now get back to work as soon as you can! We longtime fans get impatient quickly.

  11. stephenborer says:

    Blankedly blank and a four star et setera !!!!!!!!!

  12. Terry Beatty says:

    I’ve managed to avoid Covid (so far), but my wife has had it twice! Brought home from business trips, of course. Second time was not at all fun. Glad you two got the booster. As has been pointed out, it most likely lessened the severity of your symptoms. Here’s hoping you’re up to speed ASAP.