Heart-Felt Pt. 3

January 19th, 2016 by Max Allan Collins

I know, I know – those of you kind enough to be following the saga of my heart surgery must be saying, “Enough already! Get it over with!”

That’s roughly my own sentiment, as Barb and I have been dealing with this since late May 2015, and have been told seemingly countless times that the surgery was two weeks away, or even days away. I would estimate at least half a dozen postponements.

On the other hand, the doctors have always had good reasons for doing so, and I certainly want to undergo this procedure at the optimal moment. This postponement, as I mentioned on Facebook, has to do with the need for me to recuperate more fully from the initial carotid surgery. I am doing much better and feel confident that I’ll be ready for the scheduled Jan. 26 (a week from the day I’m posting this) surgery.

Recovery time is hard to judge, but I won’t be able to attend the Iowa Democratic caucus, although Barb probably will. We are, not that it matters, Hillary supporters. Bernie is a one-note candidate (mean evil nasty billionaires) and a self-avowed socialist (and the Republicans are salivating to have that to go after in a Democratic nominee). Either way, I am almost convinced we will have Donald Trump as a President (it’s a lock if Bernie gets the nomination). If Bernie thinks Americans hate billionaires, he’s just not paying attention – many of them love money-bags Trump, and just look at the recent Powerball mania. We don’t hate billionaires. We want to be one!

My apologies for the mini-political rant. But whichever, whatever political views you hold, the more rabid among you will understand my frustration at being benched on the night of the big game.

I continue to be grateful to my friends and readers (again, lots of crossover there) for the show of support and even love. Barb had discouraged me from posting here and at Facebook about my medical follies, having been through all of these postponements and fearing more. She was, not surprisingly, right about the postponements. But I don’t mind the support and love one little bit. It’s encouraging. Those of you who want to read more books by me are in line with my desire to write them for you.

If all goes as planned, a week from now – when the next update is posted – I will be in the operating room, getting fixed (not in the veterinarian way, one would hope). I may write another update prior to that, but as things stand, my son Nate has four updates I’ve provided, each looking at a different upcoming book. I may add to some of these, depending on how my recovery goes. The first week will be in the hospital and I’ll definitely be out of pocket, and I’m told the second (first at home) will be rough, and I’ll likely be even more goofed up than usual, on pain meds. At some point I may be able to report in and add to these written-in-advance updates.

And in the meantime – particularly the day and day after the surgery – Nate will post updates here and on Facebook.

Good thoughts and vibes, prayers and positivity, all appreciated. Speaking for the entire gang – Nate Heller, Quarry, Brandi and Vivian Borne, Mike Hammer, Dick Tracy, Mommy and Jessica Ann, Ms. Tree, Nolan, Mallory, Eliot Ness, Jack and Maggie Starr, Joe Reeder and Patti Rogers, and all the rest – we love the lot of you.


14 Responses to “Heart-Felt Pt. 3”

  1. Tom Zappe/St Louis says:

    Some weeks ago I wrote here that Trump would not run for president since he would have to put all his loot in a blind trust. Whodathunk that some people would like power and glory even more than money. There might be a book somewheres in there. Who could write such a story?

  2. Jonathan Sweet says:

    Best of luck, MAC. Thoughts are with you!

  3. Mike Doran says:

    My own political ‘rantlet’:

    -(a) The Republican Party will not nominate Donald Trump – at least the establishment won’t: the Dumptruck is too much of a loose cannon, and they tend to burn out big.
    The others in the race are now attacking each other, and they will burn out too.
    When the dust clears, don’t be surprised if the GOP nominee turns out to be – Paul Ryan.
    Right now, he’s the highest ranking Rep in the government, he’s the only one with experience running in a national election (OK, he lost, but …), and, alone among anybody in the party, he gives indications of being somewhat rational.

    -(b) If Trump splits the GOP and runs as a third party, he won’t have any real effect; I don’t see him carrying states on his own, and he’d have to to affect the election in any way.

    (c) As things stand now, it’s Hillary Clinton’s election to lose – at least at the Presidential level.
    Never forget though – if the Democrats don’t get back at least paper control of both houses of Congress, we’re looking at the return of gridlock.
    Of course, we have to ask: would gridlock be preferable to anarchy?
    Anarchy is what would happen if, through some glitch in the universe, Donald Trump becomes President.
    He’s running against the whole system – BOTH parties and their organizations.
    If The Donald gets in, those organizations will have far more power to pool than he will.
    I give Trump about a month before he starts running naked across the White House lawn, tearing out his Fiberglas hair and baying at the moon.

    I guarantee none of this.
    Likely as not, I’m as wrong as anyone else can be.
    At the very least, I hope I took your mind off Topic A for a bit.
    So rest up and take care.

  4. Bill Crider says:

    You have a great attitude, and that will help speed the recovery. The waiting must be weighing on you, but you’re not showing it. At least to your public. Tell Nate to post some good news for us on the 27th.

  5. Max Allan Collins says:

    Thanks, guys, for these lovely thoughts.

    Mike, interesting theories. I don’t agree but I don’t disagree, for whatever small sense that might make.

  6. Howie Gold says:

    Positive thoughts and prayers continue. You’re on my (good) list!

  7. Mike Doran says:

    I never ask for agreement, and so I don’t expect it.

    All I ask is – think about it.

    (Which is more than the fanatics on the politiblogs ever do …)

    Enough. Back to healing up.

  8. Cap'n Bob says:

    I wish you the best and Clinton the worst.

  9. You’re going to rock the surgery, Max, like you do everything else!!

  10. Max Allan Collins says:

    Continued thanks.

    Cap’n Bob, you are one of many friends of mine who feel the same way — thumbs up for me, thumbs down for Clinton. One of the great joys of my life is that I have terrific pals who disagree with me on politics, yet those friendships have flourished and remain constant and strong. I wish D.C. denizens behaved as reasonably.

  11. Where’s Andrew Shepherd or Jed Bartlet when we need them?

    Sending the usual good thoughts your way and, being the disagreeable liberal that I am, bad thoughts to all the Republican candidates out there.

  12. Margaret Gamm says:

    Hello Max,

    We haven’t met yet, but I’m a librarian in Special Collections at the University of Iowa. We wanted to let you know that we’re keeping you in our thoughts and sending you our wishes for a speedy recovery!

    -Margaret Gamm and the rest of the UI Special Collections crew

  13. Kevin Christiano says:

    Dear Max,

    Although you are one of my favorite contemporary writers, I have never written to you. However, I did meet you and Mrs. Collins fleetingly more than fifteen years ago, in (of all places) a hotel elevator.

    Now seems like a good time to tell you what I did not then: that you are a great author as well as a good person and a cool guy, and someone whose uncounted numbers of fans root for you, then as now. You have our prayers and good wishes for safety during surgery and much improved health thereafter . . . and, of course, our hopes for lots more books for all of us to read.

    — Kevin Christiano

  14. Mike Dennis says:

    Good luck, Max and get well soon. We’re pulling for you down here at the end of the road.