New Edition Nolan Trade Paperbacks 20% Off

May 3rd, 2012 by Nathan Collins

To celebrate the new editions of heist artist Nolan’s adventures, Perfect Crime Books is offering a 20% discount through the end of May when ordering straight from the printer’s secure store at Each book comes with a new introduction from Max (aside from Mourn the Living, which includes the intro from the Five Star Press run). For me, shipping on one book came out to be around $3.50, and was only a couple dollars more for an order of all six, so the deal is better the more you buy.

Click on the covers below and enter the following code at checkout:


For the book pages:
Fly Paper | Hush Money | Hard Cash | Scratch Fever | Spree | Mourn the Living

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One Response to “New Edition Nolan Trade Paperbacks 20% Off”

  1. I’ve not read any Nolan books, so maybe I should know this but did you consider Lee Van Cleef the inspiration for the character? If not, the illustrator apparently did. Louis