True Detective on Kindle for $0.99 (Today Only)

September 21st, 2011 by Nathan Collins
True Detective

Hi folks, just a real quick update to let you know about a fantastic sale going on today (Wednesday) over at Amazon. TRUE DETECTIVE, the first of the Nathan Heller books, is Amazon’s Kindle Deal of the Day for only 99 cents. With BYE BYE, BABY fresh on the shelves, now is a great time to get acquainted (or re-acquainted) with Heller’s beginnings. So please, buy it, read it, and if you like it, review it!

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One Response to “True Detective on Kindle for $0.99 (Today Only)”

  1. dan luft says:

    Awesome offer. I misplaced my paperback during a move several years ago.

    BTW, I don’t think you ever mentioned on the blog that the Collins-scripted, Quarry-inspired movie “The Last Lullaby” is now streaming on netflix. That is, if anyone besides me still has a subscription. I saw it last night and loved it. It really captured the smaller town feel of the book.