True Crime Title: True Crime
Release: December 1984
ISBN: 978-1-6121-8093-9 (2011 Paperback)
Publisher: Thomas and Mercer (2011 Paperback)
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Nate Heller survived his confrontations with Al Capone, only to find himself facing Ma Barker, Baby Face Nelson, and perhaps the biggest and most dangerous question in his life: Who was the man shot down in the alley next to the Biograph Theater, the man the FBI had confidently identified as John Dillinger?

Heller's search for the answer leads him into a confrontation with J. Edgar Hoover, and into a much more comfortable meeting with Sally Rand . . . but not before the streets of Chicago run red with blood.

"Crackles with cynical humor . . . enough twists, gritty period color and sheer violent momentum to keep crime buffs eagerly turning the pages." -- New York Times Book Review

"A gritty city, gangsters, thugs, molls and terrific writing . . . a helluva blend in a helluva book . . . a true gem." -- Detroit Free Press

"Terrific!" -- Mickey Spillane

"A nifty sequel to True Detective." -- Cleveland Plain Dealer


1985 Shamus Award Nominee, Best P.I. Hardcover


1984 Hardcover

2003 Paperback

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