Road to Perdition Title: Road to Perdition
Release: May 1998
ISBN: 978-1-4012-3191-0 (2011 edition), 1-563-89449-1 (original edition)
Publisher: Vertigo Crime


The basis for the major motion picture!

Depression-era Chicago: a city riding a tide of liquor and blood, ruled by guns, graft, and gangsters.  At the top of the heap is Al Capone . . . and Capone's most feared hitman is Michael O'Sullivan, known to friends and enemies alike as the "Angel of Death."  But when Sullivan's eight-year-old son witnesses a gangland execution, father and son find themselves facing off against the most merciless gangster of all time.


Road to Perdition
Movie Edition Reprint

Road to Perdition: Brazil
Brazillian Edition


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