Angel in Black Title: Angel in Black
Release: March 2001
ISBN: 0-451-20263-5 (2001 Hardcover), 0-451-20517-0 (2002 Paperback)
Publisher: NAL (Hardcover), Signet (Paperback)
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Over the course of ten novels and one story collection, Max Allan Collins has garnered nine Shamus Award nominations for his Nathan Heller series, winning twice, an unprecedented achievement in the history of the Private Eye Writers of America.   Now, in ANGEL IN BLACK, Collins brings back his fictional hero to tackle his eleventh high-profile case, the notorious Hollywood murder known as "the Black Dahlia."

She was a woman of uncompromising beauty who had come to Los Angeles to seek fame and fortune.  Her quest ended in an abandoned lot on the outskirts of the city.  First on the crime scene is newshound Bill Fowley, and at his side is Chicago private eye Nathan Heller, in town to help launch the West Coast branch of his famed detective agency.  The police arrive at the brutal scene of the crime and suddenly the postwar world of Hollywood is plunged into the terror that is the Black Dahlia case.  Only one problem persists: uncovering the woman's identity.

Her name was Elizabeth Short, and Heller vividly remembers her from Chicago.  But revealing that he knew her can only land him atop a very short list of suspects.  Heller's own investigation starts with what he knew of the doomed wannabe starlet, with the crazed phone call he received from her just days before her death.   But looking into her past means opening old wounds--and revealing secrets of his own.  At the risk of his marriage, his career, and maybe even his life, Heller is drawn into an inescapable maze to lay bare a terrifying truth behind the facade of Hollywood's make-believe world.


2002 Shamus Award Nominee, Best P.I. Hardcover


January Magazine: "Angel in Black doesn't disappoint, starting out strong and never taking a breath until a breathtaking conclusion that makes you want to read everything else you can find about the Dahlia investigation."


2001 Hardcover

2002 Paperback

2004 Audiobook


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