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Message from M.A.C. – March 7, 2000

Tuesday, March 7th, 2000

    This is a way overdue update — and will be somewhat brief, because I am in the midst of deadlines (the new Heller was due March 1st and as I write this is it’s March 6!).

    A lot has been happening.   First, I must share with you sad news.  I lost my dad on February 23, his 78th birthday.  A very vital man, Dad was — among many other things — a world-class musician.  As an only child, still living in my home town, I have remained close to my parents, and this was hard.  Dad was a wonderful grandpa to Nate, and we’ll feel his absence every day.  Any fan of mine who would like to contribute to my father’s memorial scholarship fund — given yearly to a high school senior planning to be a college music major — can send a check made out to the Max A. Collins Sr. Music Scholarship, care of M.A.C. Productions, 301 Fairview Avenue, Muscatine, Iowa 52761.

RTguns.gif (54923 bytes)    In January, we shot a new movie — a radically different feature, and I’m proud to say a real innovation.  I will share the details with you later, but you can get an advance view on the page Nate has devoted to REAL TIME: SIEGE AT LUCAS STREET MARKET.  I am in postproduction right now, working with the usual suspects, including Phil Dingeldein editing on the Avid, Greg Ballard on sound design, plus our new producer, Jeff High.  Brinke Stevens, Mike Cornelison and Rachel Lemieux star with Larry Coven in support, and some incredible new talent.  (It’s based on a Ms. Tree short story but the character does not appear in the screenplay, though Brinke plays a very Ms. Tree-like character.)

THE HINDENBURG MURDERS will be out soon, as will U-571, a movie tie-in novel (an exciting WW2 submarine melodrama).

Already in print is MOURN THE LIVING.  This was the first Nolan novel, written around ’69, when I was in college.  It was published in serialized form in the fanzine HARDBOILED, but this marks its first book publication.  Some of the critics thought it should have stayed in my trunk, but at least one rated as a solid entry.  I figured Nolan fans would like to have it in book form.  This is from Five Star, who also published (last year) the first hardcover edition of BUTCHER’S DOZEN.

There are currently four copies still available of the MYSTERY SCENE MOVIE GUIDE.

Also, if you have a DVD player, don’t forget to pick up MOMMY and MOMMY’S DAY (available on line from numerous sources).  These are low-priced definitive editions of the two features.

I’ve been writing some columns for, so you may wish to check out that first-rate site.  And I’m still doing a column for ASIAN CULT CINEMA magazine.

The new Heller, in progress, is called DARK ANGEL, wherein Nate solves the Black Dahlia murder…no kidding!

And wait till you see REAL TIME!